We would like to announce that the Neter Nano for iPhone 5S and Neter Nano for iPhone 5C is available! The Neter Nano will unlock your iPhone 5S/5C that is locked to AT&T Provider, thus allowing you to use the T-Mobile network. Understand that this is a PLUG & PLAY unlocking solution, you simply insert the NeterNano with the Special T-Mobile SIM card. There is no jailbreaking necessary to successfully unlock your iPhone 5S/5C.

Neter Nano for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are available in all color SIM trays to match the color of your iPhone.

Note: As of now you are only able to unlock an iPhone 5S/5C that is locked to US AT&T. You are only able to use T-Mobile, and you must use the T-Mobile SIM Card that is provided in the package. As of this moment there is no other solution. We are working hard on making it work perfectly.