Suppose you are on a long flight headed to a lusted after destination. Your excitement is up, but you still gotta pass the time. So, you pull out your treasured iPad with the intention of kicking back to some chill tunes and maybe a movie or TV show later. So, you plug in the headset. You tap the iTunes application on your iPad touch screen. You scroll through some songs until you land upon something suitable. You tap a selection. Press play. And…nothing.

You check the volume settings. All good. You check again. All good. You check your iTunes volume settings. All good. Now, you’re starting to get worked up. Frantic even. What’s going on? Why can’t I hear anything?! There’s no sound!! You even try your backup headset. No difference. You check and recheck your settings until you finally convince yourself that it’s not you and it’s not your headset. It’s your iPad.

You spend the rest of the flight condemning your once beloved technological design. Now, it’s damaged goods. It let you down. Instead of enjoying music or video, you spend the duration of the flight listening to a screaming baby, a cackling group of teenage girls, and a snoring human being to your left. Oh, and you had the bad luck of landing the middle seat. Yeah, so your flight was ruined, but as far as your iPad goes, there is still hope.

For iPad repair, iPhone Repair Miami Beach is at your service. We service all three generations of the iPad and offer repair for a variety of iPad parts. If you are unable to hear music or video via a headset on your iPad 1st GEN or iPad 2nd GEN, we can replace your iPad’s audio jack and restore its sound in just one business day.

Let the sound commence!

Check out our iPad repair services for the iPad 1st GEN, 2nd GEN, and 3rd GEN.