I have a friend who stores her iPhone in her back pocket. Consequently, while using the washroom, she has dropped 3 iPhones into the privy. No good. Hopefully, you’ve had better sense/luck with your iPhone. If not, there is a solution to render your water-damaged iPhone restored to its original state.

We provide two iPhone repairs relating to water damage. First, attempt to diagnose the issue perturbing your broken iPhone (fortunately, this is not rocket science).

Maybe your iPhone didn’t experience a full soak; instead, it suffered a little splash. Post splash, you realize that you are having issues hearing your calls clearly or maybe you are unable to hear them at all. No problem. We offer an iPhone repair service to fix your ear speaker so you are no longer screaming, “I can’t hear you!,” into your iPhone in utter frustration.

If your iPhone did experience the pleasure (well, the pain, rather) of a full soak, we also provide an iPhone repair service where we will attempt to recover the iPhone for use. Also, we will attempt to unearth all of its stored and treasured information.

iPhone Repair Miami Beach will do all we can to rescue your broken iPhone from its water-damaged depths of despair.