Many of the issues that arise with our cherished tablets don’t always require hands-on assistance from an outside source. We make it real easy for you here at iPhone Repair Miami Beach, offering a wide selection of fix-it-yourself iPad parts. If you need an iPad 3 replacement part, allow us to quickly deliver it to you so you can self-repair your iPad 3 with your own two, self-sufficient hands.

The following iPad 3rd Generation parts come ready to install with no smoldering necessary.

iPad Parts for the iPad 3rd Generation:

  • Digitizer Replacement Part with Home Button (Available in Black and White)
  • WiFi Antenna
  • Power Volume Silent Flex Cable
  • Bezel Plastic (Available in Black and White) that surrounds the screen
  • Short Antenna
  • Long Antenna
  • GPS Antenna (adhesive included)

As you shop for these respective iPad parts, you will be cued in to the required tools you will need in order to successfully install your iPad 3 replacement part.

Look at that. iPad repair made easy for the iPad 3rd Generation. Success.